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Look Around You and Get Inspired to Design Awesome Leaflets

Is flyer design giving you sleepless nights? There is nothing to worry about, since there are established service providers who will take care of leaflet design as well as leaflet delivery in Melbourne for you. But still it won’t be bad to look around you for some design inspirations and accordingly give creative brief to your designer. When the client and the service provider work hand-in-hand, the result is no doubt marvelous.

So, how do you start off? Here are some tricks to help you get inspired.

Turn to social media

Social media continues to give us a lot of ideas to get inspired. You may browse Pinterest, Instagram or even Google Images to figure out new design ideas.

When it comes to Pinterest, the best thing is to use keywords. Once you search for particular keywords relevant to your leaflet or flyer design, you will easily get a lot of relevant pin boards to inspire you. When you come across something that interests you, you can just ‘pin it’, and like this, you may build up your own board with ideas.

Over Instagram, use hashtags to filter the required results. This social platform allows you to be highly specific with your searches. You can search by industry type, service type or simply follow the hashtags.

Draw inspiration from your preferred brands

Consider how other brands, especially those which you prefer, are designing their promotional materials. There are a number of brands in the marketplace, which have had successful marketing campaigns. Pick some of these brands, and see what designs they have used to differentiate themselves from their competitors. You also need to keep an eye on your own competitors’ designs, to understand what they are doing.

The consumers of today are attracted towards something that they find unique and creative. So, while drawing inspiration from other brands, make sure not to copy from them. But in order to get ideas from these designs, ask yourself what you specifically like or dislike about them, which of the colors or fonts appeal to you and what imagery style they have used (illustrations, stock images or original photography). Another thing that you should check out is that whether the flyer of the concerned brand is powerfully highlighting that brand, that is, if people are able to recognize that flyer as belonging to that brand.

Be well-versed with your industry

Is there any design style that your industry uses? For instance, the color green is mainly associated with a natural and fresh feeling, while red is popularly associated with fast food outlets.

Whether it is typography, color or any other parameter, if you get a clear idea about what works along with the logic behind it, you can set yourself in the right track to engage your audience. If you have any doubts, go for some research on the leading brands in your industry to figure out a common theme.

As you design your campaign for leaflet delivery in Melbourne, draw inspiration from social media, industries or brands, but remain original and creative, keeping your promotional objectives in mind. Remember your ultimate aim is to make people recall your brand and take the desired action.


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