A4 to DL (Flyers)

A4 folded to DL flyers are the most famous folding style. They are affordable and productive. With these flyers, you can easily get your message to convey into the selected demographics as they are visually appealing, easy to distribute, and could not blow the economy.

They are best for direct mail and marketing campaigns as they match in a standard DL sized letter. They make brilliant menus and countertop displays (particularly whilst printed on heavyweight stocks) and they work just similar to a handout to customers (whether or not at a trade display, in a showroom, or on the road).


The flat size before folding is A4 (297 x 210mm) and the finished size after folding is DL (99 x 210mm)


Full color or black & white single or double-sided

Fold Type:

We offer roll folding and z-folding both

During the roll folding, your printing could be folded inward two times inside the same direction. This will create a brochure with 6 x DL panels

When z-folding, we are able to fold your printing into thirds. Each fold will open within the opposite side course to its neighbor to provide a concertina effect. This will create 6 x DL panels (3 on the front and back)

Paper Stocks:

We provide an in-depth style of stock weights starting from 150gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm all the way thru to 350gsm. These are available in a number of paper finishes, consisting of our famous gloss and matt-satin artwork papers and artboards similar to uncoated, recycled, and stocks as well.


Flyer size:*

Paper stock:*


Printing side:*

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