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Top Reasons for Marketers to Consider Letterbox Advertising

How often do you read a promotional email? A majority of viewers tend to delete emails from unknown sources, unsubscribe to the service, or simply mark the mail as spam so that all future emails belonging to the same category are regarded as spam.

Since this is the digital era, there is more action revolving around your inbox than your letterbox, and subsequently more clutter. Research has proved that paper-based communications ensure visibility and feel, and hence are more enduring. As you set out to create your marketing mix, here are some compelling reasons why letterbox advertising should be an important part of your marketing mix.

Return on investment

Small businesses, especially the startups have a shoestring budget, so far as marketing and advertising is concerned. Given this, it is important for them to get the maximum value for the money they spend on promotion. In such a scenario, letterbox campaigns can deliver outstanding results by drawing the consumer’s attention and driving the desired action. The action can be anything, starting from visiting your website or calling to place an order to book a table in your restaurant.

Through letterbox campaigns, you can cost-effectively reach a large portion of your target market, and frequent letterbox delivery can successfully lead to brand recognition. You can save yourself from the high expenses involved in television or radio advertising.

Grabbing attention

Do you know what makes Pinterest so popular? The answer is simple. Sites like Pinterest grab people’s attention by highlighting brilliant images and photographs. Direct mail makes room for unleashing a lot of creativity, with brochures and flyers of different designs, shapes, colors, sizes, styles…. In fact, the opportunities are endless, and all these direct towards the call to action. Moreover, since letterbox flyers and brochures are tangible, creativity can be revealed in the feel as well as they look.

Hitting the bull’s eye

Technological advancements are making letterbox delivery campaigns more and more targeted. You can target the households, offices, streets, on the basis of who is interested and would like to avail of your products and services. By going for extremely targeted campaigns, you can be certain of your leaflets reaching the right hands, and making room for your future customers to reach you.

Getting personal

It goes without saying that individualized marketing messages which have a high degree of relevance always take the cake away, irrespective of the marketing channel used. But the point is that emails do not excite people in the same manner as local mails do. Direct mail gives you the opportunity to highly customize your message exactly according to the audience you want to reach out to. Ultimately, you appeal to the audience and they go for the desired action.

It is not that direct mail marketing procedures such as the letterbox distribution of flyers, brochures, or pamphlets, are the only tools that you should use for marketing. They can be a lucrative option in your marketing mix and wonderfully complement your online presence. During the entire process of marketing, always make sure that the message you are conveying is consistent with your branding.


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